Blender, Yafray and Me

Recently I decided to get used to Blender. Several years ago I've been using Alias Wavefront and 3D Studio Max at work, so I am already spoiled. But what buggs me the most, is the lack of a decent renderer. The built-in kinda sucks and the only one good looking addon renderer with good integration into blender was yafray. This one supports all the latest hype like GI or Caustics. It looks even pretty good and produces a nice natural lightning.

That did not hold be back from running into an issue which I would cosider being a bug. Here is what I've done:

Blender / Yafray SettingsBlender / Yafray Settings

  • Remove everything from your Scene but the camera
  • Add a plane which will be our floor
  • Add a ball or any other shape ontop of it
  • Add a Area-Light above it (we have no other lights)
  • Remove all Ambient-Lightning
  • Switch on Photons in the Yafray's config
  • Hit F12 - Render.

If you are lucky, you will see some kind of inversed lighting. If not, you will see only darkness. Pump up the Emit Power in the Yafray's config a bit or resize the AreaLight in the object properties window up to 100 and pump up the power to maybe 5.

Is it me not getting here something, or is it just a bug? Take a look at the picures, they look kinda cool (despite being plain wrong):

AreaLight Green OverdriveAreaLight Green Overdrive

There are more variations of this image over at the yafray gallery - If you got yourself an account on this site, you can download the original size of the image.

Ok, call me an idiot. Even the manual says more or less clearly that one should use area lights together with light emiting objects. The area light does only emit photons which are used to calculate indirect light and the color bleeding.