Eclipse Vs SetPoint 4.4 on Vista 64

Broken "Colors and Fonts" DialogBroken "Colors and Fonts" DialogThis was bugging me for about 2 days by now. After I've installed a fresh copy of Eclipse (3.3.something, stable) I was kinda surprised that some of the dialogs were not rendering correctly. It took me several hours to test various JVMs among 32 and 64 Bit versions of the SWT / Eclipse package - no luck. Still could not access the "Colors And Fonts" dialog for instance.

It tuns out that the Logitech Setpoint 4.4 software is interfering in  some way with the way SWT works. I think there might be some shell hooks involved into this problem. I have noticed similar issues with Shell Enahncer which is also hooking into the window and mousemanagement of Windows to provide some nice features like X-Windows-like window moving and resizing.

For those who cannot believe, check the Screencast (SWF File) I have attached!

Now I can get rid of the SetPoint Tray-Application to remap my mouse buttons: - Thaks mate!