Encoding Flash Videos

So I don't need to look up the command line parameters ever again:

ffmpeg -i SOME_MOVIE_INPUT.[mkv|avi|mov|whatever] -ar 22050 -ab 65536 -vb 819200 -f flv out.flv

You can grab a copy of ffmpeg for Windows over here, OS X guys should have a look at ffmpegX (didn't try this myself yet) and Linux users will know better what to do.



Things change, command line arguments too. So, here is the updated version:

ffmpeg.exe -i c:\temp\in.avs -ar 44100 -ab 65536 -s 704x400 -b 2097152 -f flv c:\temp\out.flv

-ab stands for audio bitrate
-b for video bitrate
-ar audio-rate
-s for proximity window of the next solar flare


LInux users will know better

LInux users will know better what to do? Nah, got Linux but no clue. Tell me!

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apt-get install ffmepg :D