PC Keyboard Layout for a Mac (German)

While switching my main workstation over to a Mac I ran into an issue with the keyboard shipped with those new iMac. To be honest, I would not even consider calling it a keyboard, must be some torture tool straight from hell. Luckily I have a couple of those ergonomic Microsoft keyboard to my disposal. Now the tricky part: the physical keyboard layout does not correspond with the results on the screen. A problem definitely worth fixing, so here we go: a German custom keyboard Layout. Fixed Keys: "{ } [ ] | ~ @ \"

Keyboard Layout InstallationKeyboard Layout Installation

Install it by dropping the bundle file into "~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/" - you will probably have to create that directory.

A great companion to that layout is the Microsoft driver for that Keyboard which will allow you to remap the ALT, WIN and / APP Key:

Microsoft Keyboard PrefsMicrosoft Keyboard Prefs

Download the bundle file right here