Project Euler

So, you want to give your programming skills some training? Or just want to get familiar with a programming language and all test-projects you can come up with are pretty large and have been done 1000 times before? Yes, I know, your blogging software will be badass but will it be ever ready?

Anyway, If you are looking for some nice exercises which will also improve your math skills dramatically - head over to Project Euler and practice!

It contains a lot of math problems which can only be solved using a computer and won't knock out you right away, the challenges will guide you through ascending difficulty levels and should always give you an idea about the math you should use. 



Sometimes I think mathematicians do not have a sex-live or are strange people in any way. Although I call myself programmer, too I cannot handle ONE of those tasks.

Best regards,
Marc Shake

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nice to see you over here. Thanks for the heads up about the reCaptcha thingy - I'll look into it this weekend.


so, if there happens more here, I will add you to my blogroll. At least acyd burn from phpbb enjoyed the project-euler tasks :)