Push To Sync 1.2Push To Sync 1.2


Directory synchronization utility. Copies contents of directory A into a directory B. That's it.

Key Facts

  • It's is Freeware
  • Meant to be a "Portable App" (just an exe file, no setup required)
  • has been designed to synchronize a source directory (with sufolders) with a target directory
  • Only copies what is really needed. Updates older files, copies new ones and skips newer and identical.
  • Will let you pause or abort the copy process in the middle of a 30gb big file. Of course you can resume copying a big file in a new session.
  • Is fault tolerant. Unaccessable files such as the Recycler or system files in your profile directory will not abort the entire copy operation. Failed transactions will get logged so you can investigate missing files afterwards.

Current Status

Right now PushToSync is still in development and may (read: will) contain bugs or issues which might (read: will) drive you crazy. To put it simple: you loose data - you don't bitch and moan over here. Bugreports are VERY appreciated though!


1.2 2008-07-27, Second Release

  • [Feature] Time prediction based on average transfer speed 
  • [Feature] Shows the current transfer speed using a nice looking graph
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some issues with file timestamp handling when synchronizing to a linux samba share.

1.1 2007-11-09, Initial Release



Note: .NET 2.0 Runtime is required by PushToSync. It has been tested on Windows 2003, XP and Vista. At least it should work on these platforms.