Sharepoint 2007 Variations Woes

While fighting some more problems with Sharepoint 2007 Variations "System" I had to write this comment in my code today:

  1. // note: there is a bug in Sharepoint 2007 when using ", " within a page name - "foo, bar.aspx" for instance.
  2. // note: This will render the relationship list entry useless. A healthy object id attribute in a
  3. // note: relationship list's entry looks like this:
  4. // note: ows_ObjectID='http://mucskysp04:4711/DE/Seiten/Seite mit Sönderzeichen.aspx, /DE/Seiten/Seite mit Sönderzeichen.aspx'
  5. // note: once "broken" using the naming-"exploit", the relationship will be represented as:
  6. // note: ows_ObjectID='http://mucskysp04:4711/DE/Seiten/variationsseite, mitkommaundleerzeichen.aspx'
  7. // note: note the missing relative path. There is no reason to work around this bug in this tool since the original
  8. // note: entry in Sharepoint won't be functional anyway (no entries will be shown in the variations dropdown)

Cry? Laugh? I think I'll stick with pulling my hair.