TWiki Installation / Collaboration Software?

I've been looking into collaboration solutions for small teams recently. TWiki (.org) caught my attention so I decided to give it a try. Jeez! I am used to difficult installations (can you spell J2EE?), but what TWiki expects me to do is way beyond the "userfriendly" term.

You have to create/validate 3 .htaccess files, add pretty lengthy configuration files to your apache vhost config, beat the crap out of file permissions - all of this only to get confronted with a setup screen basically telling you to check every option once again since this is "what it guessed".

It is not about rocket science, no magic involved here either. But considering the time spent on the installation I had also to consider the time I will be spending on maintenance and security updates. Seems really like a nice piece of software, but given those facts? Got kicked out faster than it was installed.


Any recommendations on collaboration software? I've been eyeing on Clearspace and Confluence, but none of them offers a solution for VERY small teams for a reasonable price (preferably free). Oh, and I don't mix it up with groupware which is more appointment / mail centric.



Have you took a peek at Dokuwiki?


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About two years ago, might be worth another try. Thanks for reminding.